Presenting the 2012 Canadian Olympic Fencing Team

The Olympics represent the pinnacle of athletic success to many competitors across many sports. To get to this point in their careers these athletes have dedicated their time, their hearts, and their bodies to the sport. They've made sacrifices in their lives in order to accomplish their lofty goals, and we couldn't be more happy for them. And so, with glowing hearts, we present to you our 2012 Olympic Fencing Athletes. We wish them many congratulations and good luck!

Learn more about the team by clicking on an athlete's photo:

Past Olympic Teams

2008 Beijing
Sandra Sassine
Julie Cloutier
Olya Ovtchinnikova
Wendy Saschenbrecker
Sherraine Schalm
Jujie Luan
Josh Maguire
Philippe Beaudry
Igor Tikhomirov

2004 Athens
Josh Maguire
Michel Boulos
Catherine Dunnette
Sherraine Schalm
Monique Kavelaars
Julie Leprohon

2000 Sydney
Laurie Shong
Sherraine Schalm
Julie Mahoney
Jujie Luan

1996 Atlanta
Jean-Marc Chouinard
Danek Nowosielski
James Ransom
Jean-Paul Banos
Tony Plourde
Jean-Marie Banos

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